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Ensure the safety and integrity of your home in Colleyville, TX with Banner Retaining Walls’ expert Residential Drainage solutions.


Expert Retaining Walls Services in Southlake, TX

We all know that retaining walls are there to hold and maintain the structure of loose soil on your property in order to protect the property and avoid a mess. But have you ever wondered that it also significantly increases the value of your property almost instantly? Banner Retaining Walls is a credible company that provides retaining wall services that will not just be functional but will also increase your property’s value. Our professionally installed walls will let a prospect know that the property is well-maintained and that the owner (You) only goes for the best when it comes to taking care of the place. So, contact us now and hire our experts in Southlake, TX. 

Flagstone Patios

If you are a nature lover then you should ditch all the modern and sleek designs for your patio. We provide flagstone patios in Southlake, TX. Flagstone itself is a combination of different stones like bluestone, travertine stone, limestone, plain slate, and more. These stones will provide an organic and natural look to your patio. Our experts will carefully choose the stones to make the perfect contrasts and designs. You will have the experience of sitting in a park or a hill station while staying in the comfort of your home. So, call us now and get our stone patio services.

Paver Patterns Installation

Are you tired of seeing the same old flat, dull, and uniform pavements, and want something unique for your property? Then you are at the right place. There is a variety of options and designs that you can get with your pavement. You will be able to choose the best design that suits your tastes and also matches your home design and theme. Our experts will ensure that you don’t get an average pavement. Instead, you get a pavement that is nothing less than stunning. We provide our services in Southlake, TX. Call us now and get our paver patterns installation services.

Proper Residential Drainage

A proper drainage system will not only keep clear of your property from all the mess and unwanted water but it will also keep your foundations secure. We provide excellent residential drainage systems to our customers in Southlake, TX. Our experts will provide you with drainage solutions that will ensure that water does not stay still on your property. This continuous drainage will ensure that no water seeps down into the ground and damages the foundations. So, call us now and hire our experts for a safe and sound foundation.

Significantly Reduce Maintenance Time with Our Hardscape Services

Few people know that having hardscapes can actually lower the time it requires to maintain your landscape. Hardscapes can cover a significant amount of area in your lawn or garden. Doing so will leave less grass and vegetation to take care of. We provide hardscape services that are aimed at providing beautiful, naturistic, yet easy-to-maintain landscapes. Our experts will carefully plan and construct the hardscape to keep a perfect balance between the greenery and other components. You will have a lawn that requires less maintenance, looks beautiful, and most of all, you won’t notice a reduction in grass or other greenery. Call us now for a perfect blend of nature and convenience. 


Hardscapes are non-living features that are used in a landscape like walls, fences, pavements, etc.

You can enhance your landscape by getting additional features like expensive plants, fountains, hardscapes, and more.

Depending on the quality of the material and the quality of the installation, it can last from 5 to 20 years.

We cannot give an exact estimate for your retaining wall project as every project is different. The cost varies depending on factors like size and quality. You can get a free estimate from our experts by giving us a call.

A retaining wall is there to hold all the loose dirt and keep all the soil in its place. It also helps to reduce soil erosion.


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